For the past 30 years I have been a Silversmith. I am now being nudged by my artistic muse to try new things, making sure that whatever it is I am working with is environmentally safe and non-toxic to me. I find myself constantly considering all of the impacts my actions and the materials I work with will have on the earth.

When I closed my antiques and jewelry store, on Martha’s Vineyard, I found myself left with a showcase of Victorian Silver plated serving pieces that no one wanted to buy but me.  As a metalsmith I had always admired the detailed work and forms of old silver. One night I had a dream in which all of the ornate pieces were in wonderful bright colors. So, using my background working with metals and my artistic intuition I jumped down the design rabbit hole to explore how to make the old new again.

Eco-friendly BMc Vintage Design Studio was born and sipping from the “drink me” bottle is growing quickly!

I up-cycle antique and vintage silver plate, aluminum, and brass serving pieces, candlesticks and flatware. They were no longer usable or in fashion and are now contemporary tabletop pieces enameled in colors that work in a modern interior.

The finished product is one of a kind, anti-bacterial, food safe, good for serving hot foods on, dishwasher safe, and you never have to polish again.

My process is green, the materials used are reclaimable and there is nothing toxic going into the water, air or earth. By re-using metals that were mined many years ago I am finding a way to avoid more mining, smelting, and disposing into landfills of metals that do not decompose.

We also are now offering custom order work to transform your family heirlooms! Please see the special order page for more

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